Painting is new to me.  I started painting sometime last year.  A friend, who is an artist, inspired me to do something I never thought I could do.  One day, I picked up a paintbrush and tried to paint a flower.  Then I did.  It wasn’t a perfect flower.  But it was perfectly me.  And much prettier a flower than I expected to paint.  I love surprises.   Each time I paint something I surprise myself.

Pen and ink my father did.  After my friend inspired me to begin painting I picked up pen and ink too.  The little lines & spaces are wonderful marks of time in space where you think.  Or you don’t.  And it’s liberating.  I am a shadow of the work my father did.  But happy to follow in his footsteps.

This is a place I’m sharing the things I’ve worked on as a diary to keep track of it all and to share with others that inspiration can carry you far.  As well as a friend.  And the most wonderful man I know, my father.

There is no order of completion on this website.  Everything is randomly posted as I either paint it or find it.  So there will be older paintings mixed in with new ones.